Thursday, June 2

No to third-hand smoke

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has finally imposed a smoking ban in public places in all major and secondary roads in Metro Manila. Violators of the smoking ban will be charged Php 500 on the first offense. Those who cannot afford to pay will have to sign up for an 8-hour community service task. I live outside the Metro, but I am still thankful of this ban because I'm a frequent pedestrian in the Ortigas Business District. I cannot even enjoy a few minutes of solace at Ortigas Park because there'll always be a smoker sitting at the other end of the bench where I am.

While the smoking ban is applied only for major thoroughfares, I hope that smokers can also consider not smoking inside their homes. We all know that cigarette smoking is already bad for our over-all health. So is second-hand smoke or the smoke that one inhales from the cigarette of somebody else. But don't you know that there's also third-hand smoke that's as hazardous as the other two?

Third-hand smoke is what's deposited on surfaces long after the cigarette has been put out and second-hand smoke fades. Imagine the harmful toxins settling on the walls, the couch, and even on the toys of the kids! I believe that this is also more harmful to us diabetics since we are already at high-risk of heart problems compared to others.

Smoking poses health problems not only for the smoker but also for all those around him/her. If you are a smoker, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and stop smoking. Not only will you save your lungs, you will also be spared of other costs like a smokers term life insurance. Conversely, if you are living with a smoker, inform them about third-hand smoke and the health problems it brings.

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2 sweet comments:

brownpinay said...

Bonggang goodluck sa MMDA, kanina may nakita akong MMDA na nagyoyosi

Crumpylicious Blog said...

Although this has been implemented, I still see a lot of pedestrian smokers everywhere.=(