Monday, May 16

Wheat grass planting

Remember back in June 2010 when I first planted wheatgrass? Well, I haven't planted any since I emptied my bag of wheatberries but I'm planning to start again once the cooler months of June to December arrive.

Planting wheatgrass is easy to do, really. You don't need to have a big field or complex tools to grow them. What you will need are just plastic trays, water, and tender loving care.

First, I filled the tray with wheatberries. I made sure that there is only 1 layer of wheatberries and each grain touches the floor of the plastic tray. Then, I added water which is only enough to cover the grains. I let them soak for 24 hours. In 12 hours, the wheatberries became bigger. By the time the water dries up, sprouts have appeared.

After that, I transferred the soaked wheatberries to this improvised wheatgrass planting tray that I made. It's just cake tray that I bought from the supermarket. I bore holes on it using a soldering iron, hehehe.

Then, I positioned the tray with the holes on top of another one that has water in it. Again, the water level is just enough to touch the roots/sprouts to facilitate growth. If you're familiar with hydroponics, you'll understand the set-up. I let the trays stay indoors although I also bring them out every other day. Molds may also develop especially in grains that do not sprout.

Harvest time is between 10-12 days. It's that quick and easy to grow! Hope you can try growing wheatgrass because buying wheatgrass juice and supplements are so expensive.

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3 sweet comments: said...

this seems so easy! im taking the phamax powdered ones and it got me thinking if i can plant my own... though im scared about ingesting molds... theres no dr house in the philippines. hehe. will giving the wheatgrass a sunbath every other day do the trick of keeping molds away?

Mauie Flores said...

Actually, you can avoid the molds by not cutting through them during the harvest. Or better yet, remove the grains that did not sprout before transferring to the tray. You may also use plastic basket trays. Kahit ano actually basta hindi mag-shoot yung wheatberries sa butas ok na.

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