Friday, May 20

LOL Emails

LOL Emails. This is what I call hilarious emails that I have been receiving every now and then. And guess what? I get these LOL emails from posts that I write here and on my other blogs. One example is about the "over-priced vacuum cleaner" that I wrote about in February of this year. I think I received a dozen emails offering me more "affordable" vacuum cleaners. Thing is, they'll be coming from half-way across the Philippines! I bet the shipping fees will cost more than the unit, LOL!

I think there is a system that scans the web for relevant write-ups and feeds the info to online merchants. I'm not that familiar about the techie stuff but I know I read about this before. Maybe I should start selling stuff like plantation shutters, 'no? Then the tables will be turned and I'll be the one sending these LOL emails, hahaha!

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