Thursday, April 14

Home Fire Drill Basics

Just this morning, the street where my husband's office building is found was partially closed because one of the buildings conducted a fire drill. Apparently, the local government has been helping the buildings in the business district hold fire drills for their tenants which is good. It's never good to be trapped in a burning building.


What I witnessed reminded me that the last fire drill I participated in was way back in college! Since I work at home, I thought of planning a fire drill for our home. So I searched for home fire drill essentials and I'm sharing them here with you.

  1. Make an escape plan. Every part of the house should be part of the layout. Better start with the bedrooms.
  2. Make 2 escape routes from each room. As with everything, there should always be a Plan B should Plan A go wrong.
  3. Agree on a meeting place outside the house. Be sure that it's within a safe distance from your home and that everyone in the family is familiar with that meeting place.
  4. Assign roles for everyone to play. Who's going to be in charge with the baby? Who's going to help Lolo and Lola go out of the burning house? Who's going to grab the fire extinguisher?
  5. Post your escape plan in a place where everyone can view it. Inform the househelpers and your overnight guests, if any.
  6. Have a list of emergency numbers ready. You can also post the list alongside your escape plan. Be sure to have the numbers of the nearest fire stations and emergency medical assistance services.

Hope you also find this handy!

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