Wednesday, February 23

Wearing a bunny suit

A bunny suit is an over-all suit usually worn by employees working in a chemical laboratory or workers in a semiconductor or nanotechnology facility. The first time I heard of the bunny suit was from my husband who used to work in the semicon industry. He would tell me stories about him wearing a bunny suit every time he would be needed inside the production area.

I used to think of wearing the bunny suit as a simple task just as I would wear a lab gown in our chemistry lab back in high school. I discovered that there are specific steps to follow in wearing and undressing this piece of safety clothing. This was when I visited Unilab's world-class Amherst Laboratories in September last year.

The procedures in wearing the bunny suit is similar to this image I found in Wikipedia:

Click the photo for a larger view.

I was with a group of mommy blogger who toured the Amherst Plant as part of one of Unilab's campaigns. Don't we look cute in bunny suits?

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