Monday, January 24

Wet Summer

Have you read about PAGASA's forecast for summer? Weather experts predict that we will be having a short, wet summer. One typhoon is expected to come in March, two in April, and two in May. Furthermore, the agency is expecting two to three typhoons to enter the Philippines come June. All of these changes, they say, are brought about by global warming.

I am really worried about this. Being from Cainta, I still have this huge trauma from the Typhoon Ondoy floods that ravaged our town in 2009. Secondly, two family events are going to be held in May and June. I'm planning to rent a private pool in May for my boy's 11th birthday. Meanwhile, we have already booked plane tickets to Naga City in early June to attend my niece's debut. If this rainy spell continues, I'll probably just wear muck boots for my niece's debut.

This is really sad. I pray that we still have time to reverse the effects of global warming.

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