Tuesday, January 18

The Groupon Addict

Have you signed up for any of the "Groupon" sites here in Manila? Well, I did. And I did not just sign up for one but for each site that I discovered from late quarter of this year until today! Haha! Yep, checking great deals from these groupon sites is my new addiction!

Groupon is coined from the term "group coupons." They usually offer amazingly low deals for products ranging from food, spa and salon service, hotel accommodations, and tickets to shows and tours. You can basically buy anything from a groupon!

In December, last year, my husband, mother-in-law, and I enjoyed the Intense Diamond Peel and Facial session from YSA. I bought the vouchers from Ensogo.com for only 399 each (from the original price of 1500). Recently, I bought 2 vouchers for a Full Body Massage plus a Coco Moving Body Scrub at the Luxurious Terra Wellness Spa at 66% off from CashCashPinoy. Then, today, I bought 3 vouchers for 4 hours of Relaxation and Hydrotherapy at Ace Water Spa at only Php 299 each (original price is Php 550). I found another deal for a laser slimming session but I'm still thinking about it. do slimming wraps work? Tell me it does and I'll probably get the voucher, too!

I'm so happy about these groupon sites but my Paypal account is not, hahaha! Oh well, a hardworking girl needs to relax sometimes and what better way to relax than to shop online and enjoy low low deals!

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