Sunday, December 5

Wishing For More Garden Time

I miss gardening. Back in Laguna when I wasn't writing for a living yet, I had more time to garden. I personally cut the grass and trimmed the plants. I also had a lot of fun rearranging and updating our garden landscape. When Christmas season comes and we need to adorn the shrubs with l ights, I'd trim them into cute shapes so that they'd look like Christmas treats when they're all lighted up.

Why this sudden craving for garden time? Well, I've been searching for gifts that I can buy online and I chanced upon some outdoor furniture that I'm sure would look in our garden. I remembered planning to buy more blooms and replace the "balding" yellow bell that we have right now. I planned this months ago. I still haven't found the time to accomplish it.

Gardening, at least for me, is a great way to de-stress. It's gives me delight to see my plants growing and when people make compliments about our garden. It also gives me the chance to burn calories without even getting tired. How about you? Do you also enjoy gardening?

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