Monday, November 22

Want an Apple iPad?

Alas, even with the numerous online and offline contests I have joined, I still haven't won an Apple iPad. It's not that I badly want one, but getting one as a prize would definitely be a bonus. However, some friends are telling us that it's better to wait for the 2nd generation iPad instead so there'll be better features minus the bugs. That's actually one reason why I am not buying one.

Want an Appple iPad? Here's one contest you can join. To make the holidays a cut above the rest, CDO Holiday Ham will be giving out an Apple iPad. Interested parties need only to register with their name, Facebook page URL, mobile phone number, and email address. It’s that easy! The registration is on the Holiday Ham website and is open until December 20, 2010.

CDO is really making people happy this Christmas. In fact, 3 bloggers now have new ipods because they gave them away last Saturday during the press launch. I'll be writing more of the product soon. In the meantime, let's go and join the Apple iPad promo!

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