Friday, November 26

Troublesome Thyroid

There's a new addition to my list of health woes - my right thyroid gland. As per my last health check-up, my right thyroid gland is slightly larger than normal. I still have more tests to undergo which includes a creatinine test (again), a test that will check my thyroid's function, and another batch of blood tests. I'm just finishing this batch of meds then I'm gonna schedule my next batch of laboratory tests.

My enlarged thyroid gland isn't that noticeable and I thank the heavens for that. But since I've become conscious about it, I started let my hair cover the right side of my neck. I also suspect that this has something to do with the white patches I saw on the same spot a few months back. My doctor's not convinced, though. I've been reading a lot about hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and Grave's disease and I think that I should prepare myself for my raging hormones. I just wish that I wouldn't have body acne and resort to body acne treatment because there's still lots of maintenance meds I'm taking daily.

First, it was my kidney. Then, my liver. This time's my right thyroid gland. Who knows what's next. I pray for healing. Dear God, help me.

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2 sweet comments:

Babylon said...

The right lobe of the thyroid is larger then left one in most cases (and it is normal). Hovever if swelling is clearly visible outside of your neck or it can be felt and it moves up during swallowing, the best thing to do is to have an ultrasound exam which will give more details. Good luck

Anonymous said...

What was your advise that you will give to some patients to have also troubled thyroid?