Sunday, November 28

KFC Doubledown Sandwich

Have you tried the new KFC Doubledown Sandwich? Well, technically, it's not a sandwich because there's no bun. It's made bacon strips, cheese, and mayonnaise sandwiched between two original recipe chicken fillets. It's pure protein overload but totally fatty, if you ask me.

KFC Double Down Sandwich

I think I might need a colon cleansing diet after having a fill of this sinful treat. I found it better to eat as a meal with rice and gravy, haha! For a hundred bucks, it's worth the try. But no, I think I will not have another bite of this "sandwich."

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2 sweet comments:

Pinay Mommy Online said...

I heard alot of negative reviews on this new addition to KFC. That is why I never order it but since I am up for some serious eating, maybe I am going to try it soon. LOL!!!

wahdaholic said...

this is yummy