Wednesday, November 24

6/55 PCSO Grand Lotto, Still No Winner!

No one won tonight's 6/55 Grand Lotto jackpot. For those who don't know, the total jackpot reached more than 600 million pesos. The whole country is going gaga over this huge pot of money. One lawmaker has proposed to limit the jackpot to 500 million pesos only so as not to encourage gambling amongst the citizens. Experts have already spoken about how hard it is to get all numbers with only 1 in 29 million chances. Yet, I still see long lines of people queuing in front of lotto outlets.

Who'll blame them for taking this chance of a lifetime? Who'll blame me for hoping to win the prize? Yes, I also cast my bet. It would be my ticket to financial security. I can even provide for my parents and our other relatives. I can save enough money for my kid's future. We can invest in more stocks and assets. We can even have the grand Branson Missouri vacation we've been dreaming of.

Oh well, enough of this dreaming. It's time to cast my bet again and see if I'll get the jackpot this Saturday. ;-)

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