Friday, October 22

Two New Blogs in The Works

I just registered 2 new domains for blogs that I will be launching in the following month. I have been wanting to set up these blogs before but I wasn't able to find the time to do so. Now that my work schedule is lighter, I figured that I can now appropriate a few hours of my day updating them. One of these blogs is a food blog; the other one, I'm keeping a secret until it's live in the web already!

What's different about this new venture is that, although I also registered the names here in Blogspot, I will be using Wordpress this time. This also means that I will need to find affordable webhosting plans. Aside from asking referrals from my blogger friends, I am also reading web hosting reviews so that I can compare prices versus the features and freebies first.

Blogging can be so addicting, you know. And when I started buying my very first domain in 2008, there was no turning back. I've also had my share of web hosting horror stories so I'm being extra careful this time around.

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