Friday, October 8

My Niece's 4D Ultrasound

Tiki's 4D ultrasound image.

Meet Tiki. She's still in my sister's womb but she's ready to come out any day now. I'm really excited about Tiki's birth because she will the be first girl apo (grandchild) in my side of the family. I feel like I will be the kikay tita that I am already with my husband's nieces.

I'd really like to conceive once again. I got a little bit jealous of my sister because she enjoys more luxuries now than when I was pregnant with Rap. For example, that 4d ultrasound wasn't available yet when I was pregnant. If it were already available then, I'd surely undergo one to have a clearer shot of my baby inside my womb.

Technology is really amazing. It's not making our lives more convenient but more exciting as well. Who knows what kind of technological breakthrough we'll have in a few years. An Industrial pc the size of a laptop perhaps?

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