Sunday, October 31

From Generic To Branded

After more than a year of taking in generic metformin pills, I went back to using Fornidd. I don't know if it's possible but I did feel some side-effects in the past three days. The first day, I felt really nauseous and sleepy. The following day, I had watery stool. I also had motion sickness, to think that SM Megamall is just 30 minutes away from our home.

Could it really be possible that my body is still adjusting from using generic metformin pills to the branded one? Aren't they supposed to bring the same effect since both have the same amount of metformin in each tablet? I am still taking the Fornidd and I think I'll give myself some time first to adjust. Besides, my husband already bought me a month's supply of Fornidd. Sayang naman if I don't use them.

Have you also encountered the same experience with any drug?

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noypi said...

They should bring the same effects po since they are the same meds only that the generic one is sold cheaper...

But yeah, if you are experiencing something wrong you should get consult to your doctor.:D

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