Wednesday, October 13

Dreaming of an RV

Do you have any idea how much an RV is nowadays? I just thought that it would be a nice family car. Ooh, I bet my boy will have lots of fun traveling with us in a recreational vehicle. A neighbor of my mom's drives one of these, although theirs is the smaller type. I would like one with a small kitchen, bedroom, and shower. Then, we'll go to a campsite and just live in the RV for a few days. Wouldn't it be nice.

I believe that only celebrities and rich people in this country can afford RVs. Not only is the maintenance expensive but you will also need to have something extra to pay for rv towing should it stall. With these in mind, I think we will only be able to afford an RV once my husband retires. Meaning, we still have more than a decade to go before we can have the RV of our dreams.

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