Thursday, September 16

Now is the time for online shopping

I got my Unionbank EON Card two weeks ago and I made a trial Paypal to EON transfer last week. It was successful and uneventful and it only took 2 banking days! But you know, I think I can't use my EON card yet for withdrawing my Paypal funds. The exchange rate is way too low and I think it's not the best time to convert my hard-earned moolah.

So nowadays, I shop a lot online. Christmas is just around the corner anyway so I took advantage of buying some of our Christmas gifts online. Yep, I already ordered dozens of Arts Cow projects for friends and family. I was also able to buy new make-up and brush kits for myself. Don't worry, even without a free credit score service, I know that my credit score is still high because I don't overspend.

How about you? Haven't you tried shopping online yet?

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