Thursday, September 23

Happy Birthday, Mama and Papa!

My parents' birthdays are five days apart. My mom turned 60 last Sunday while my dad will turn 60 tomorrow. Me and my siblings have planned a simple party to celebrate the occasion on Sunday and friends and relatives will be coming to celebrate with us.

I am really thankful that my parents are turning 60. I actually wish them more years to come so that they can truly enjoy their retirement years. Honestly, I feel kind of sad that we are still unable to provide them the lavish party that I wanted them to have. We are short in funds because I had to shell out money for our youngest brother's tuition.

But anyway, the Lord does provide. Two cousins of mine who are overseas sent money that we added to our budget. Aren't they the sweetest? Plus, I recently spoke to my former editor and she asked me to be part of a new project she's spearheading! After receiving the good news, I suddenly felt excited to head to SM tomorrow and find a handsome piece for my dad from the men's polo shirts department. I also hope to buy something for my mom.

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