Saturday, September 18

Garden salad for extra fiber

Yesterday, I wrote about me being on fiesta mode. And part of this festive season are tables full of yummy food. Today, I am confessing. I ate rice for dinner. I felt I needed to have the extra carbohydrates after we walked for hours for the Pe├▒afrancia fluvial procession. But at least, I know I ate a lot of Ate Cel's leafy greens.

I love leafy greens especially when it's eaten with the salad dressing my sister-in-law prepared. I can eat this everyday. It's just that I don't get to buy fresh vegetables today unlike when we were still living in Laguna. We eat meat almost everyday and I feel that it's already taking a toll on my colon. I need more fiber and having a garden salad every day is just like taking a colon cleanser that works.

Do you love leafy greens? What dressing is your favorite?

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