Monday, August 9

Our WD Elements 500 GB Hard Drive VS's WD Elements 2 TB

Finally, the generous husband bought me an external hard drive. I think our "out of the blue" facial session did the trick, LOL! Seriously though, I badly need an external hard drive just to keep me mind at peace and for me to stop worrying about my precious soft files. Instead of buying our son a 2 GB flash drive for school, my husband decided to get the external hard drive instead.

WD Elements 500 GB (Low Res copy)

This hard drive is simply convenient to use. It's less than 5 inches long and about half an inch thick which makes it easy for me to slip it inside my laptop sleeve when I am mobile. WD My Passport has a sleeker design, though. But it's price is higher though. I don't go for sleek, anyways. I'm a practical mommy!

WD Elements 500 GB (Low Res copy)

I saw a WD Elements 2 TB external hard drive over at and it's sold at 133.50 USD inclusive of shipping which made me feel a little bad about my purchase. Then again, I think this 2 TB hard drive is not USB-powered so it won't be applicable for my mobile lifestyle. I'm eyeing a media player instead so it would be easier for us to watch our digital home videos. Plus, we can also store episodes of our favorite TV series and watch it without using my laptop as a player. Hmm... I better start saving up for that.

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