Thursday, July 15

Wow, Basyang. That was one hell of a night!

Tuesday night turned out to be out of the ordinary. The howling winds and the strong rains brought about by Typhoon Basyang (international name: Conson) made me pray for the safety of our town again. It's almost ten months since Ondoy devastated Cainta that's why it's quite understandable why a lot of us here are still traumatized.

We felt the strongest winds around 11 pm that night. After a few minutes, the lights went out and it was only after 24 hours that our electricity was restored. I still wasn't able to work on the list of North Carolina health insurance companies I was compiling because my SmartBro antenna was also brought down by the strong winds that night. I will have to wait for the technicians to come over tomorrow before my internet connection is restored at home. Right now, I'm in a coffee shop competing with the others whom I assume have the same internet troubles as mine.

Then again, I still thank God that He kept us safe through the night. The country's dams needed the rains anyway. I hope you are all safe too. How did Basyang affect your place, by the way?

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