Sunday, July 4

What I do with wheatgrass pulp

Remember the time I wrote about my ugly and annoying skin asthma rashes? Well, I just found an effective remedy for that! I used wheatgrass pulp! That's what remains of the wheatgrass after I extracted the juice from it. I'm not even sure of a scientific explanation about this great discovery except that chlorophyll is antibacterial. The rashes, especially the ones that I scratched, are still on my skin but some of them have already faded.

Aside from being an effective allergy relief medication, I also think that the wheatgrass pulp I placed on the roots of my orchids helped revive them. You should see how healthy my orchids are right now!

I'll keep you posted on my latest wheatgrass benefit discoveries. In the meantime, I hope you can try having a shot of wheatgrass juice for your own health.

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GOJI BERRY said...

Its really good to know that wheat grass pulp is a remedy for asthma rashes.