Tuesday, June 1

Two New A/Cs In The House

We bought 2 split type Gree airconditoners for our home just a few days before my son's birthday. It was a mutual decision between me and my husband. We had guests coming in from the province and they stayed in my son's room. The heat was unbearable this summer that we finally had to buy a 1 hp a/c unit.

The other unit, which was a 2 hp split-type a/c by the way, was installed in our living room. Now this purchase wasn't really a priority. But the Gree salesmen in the SM Megatrade Hall offered us great deals we were not able to resist. Free installation, discounts, plus other freebies. We just considered it as an investment for our home. Besides, our guest would really be more comfy now with the a/c installed in the living room.

The electricity bill will be another story. Then again, we will only get to seldom use the a/c n the living room. I believe that our energy consumption will not be big enough to require energy auditing from the experts.

At the end of the day, we are still reminded to live within our means and never beyond what we can spend.

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