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A more affordable way of buying a house

I've been often asked by friends and relatives about how we loaned our home through Pag-IBIG Fund's housing loan. As much as I encourage by sharing how easy it is to secure a Pag-IBIG housing loan, I also realize that they are not as fortunate as ours in shelling out the initial downpayment.

We were lucky to have our Tita Ops who gladly loaned us money just so we can sign the Contract to Sell for the contractor to start building the house. We availed of a 2 million pesos housing loan from Pag-IBIG but the actual cash-out was only 1.6 million. If it were not for our generous aunt and wedding godmother, this home could not have been possible. We have already finished paying our tita the amount that she shelled out for our downpayment. We still have 29 years to go till our housing loan is payed, though.

A cheaper way of buying a home is by getting a foreclosed property. Pag-IBIG Fund and GSIS have a long list of foreclosed properties that they are already selling to the public. My sister-in-law's home was also a GSIS foreclosed property.


2 Years After

2009-12-31 New Year LR-26

The house looked old and ugly before they brought the property but it's now a complete opposite from what it was before. The best thing about it is that they only bought the 150 square meter house and lot in Camarines Sur for 300 thousand pesos plus! Our 2 million Cainta house and lot is just 100 square meters, mind you.

I suggest that you consider looking for a foreclosed property if you want to save up in buying a house.

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