Tuesday, May 25

Is Ephedra safe?

I am writing a health feature article at the moment and it's about natural diet pills. It's not a secret that I have already tried using diet pills in 2006 and it did help me lose my unwanted pounds. What I took were clinically approved diet pills and were prescribed by my doctor. I needed to lose weight fast since the bad cholesterol levels in my bloodstream were way too high.

In researching for my article, I came upon a site that lists safe diet pills. The top three in the list have the label "ephedra-free" and it got me confused. Ephedra, as I have read from Wikipedia, is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine that is sourced from the Ephedra Sinica plant and has been used for ages in treating asthma and hay fever. If this is the case, then why are Ephedra-free diet pills more preferred by many? I discovered that there have been unregulated ephedra diet pills that brought about unwanted side effects to its users.

I assume that Ephedra may be safe for use when taken in regulated amounts. Nevertheless, I would not take chances. For me, diet pills are safe when they are doctor prescribed. What about you?

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