Thursday, May 13

I Survived DIY Waxing

Epilin Hair Remover

I usually go to a waxing salon to have my underarm waxed but I saw this when I passed by Watson's beauty store during the weekend. I was apprehensive to buy it at first but I thought that I should give it a try. Besides, Epilin Hair Remover only cost me Php 89.75 which is way cheaper than going to my suking waxing salon.

I had the small pan set up on top of my oil burner. In a matter of minutes, the beeswax melted into the consistency that I need. Using the popsicle stick, I carefully applied the wax into my skin. Since I'm already used to getting waxed, the warmth of the wax had not been a problem. After the wax had cooled, I carefully stripped it off my skin and voila!

I never thought that it would be that easy! Do I recommend DIY waxing to everyone? Hmmm... I'm not a first time user although it's my first time to have doing it myself. I think first time users should first try it out in a salon just to get used to the heat and the tolerable pain of pulling the hairs off the skin. For those who want to try Epilin, just be careful to not burn yourself and peel the skin off. Contrary to what others do, I don't pull the wax off quickly because I can't take the risk of having wounds.

I'm a fan of DIY treatments. It's affordable and convenient. I'm gonna share my latest DIY acne treatments soon.

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