Thursday, April 15

Tips for the absentminded

I get up from my office chair and go down to the kitchen. I open my kitchen drawer and stop. "What am I doing here?" I ask myself. I try to retrace my steps and then I remember that I was going to get a glass of water. Has this happened to you?

Here are some of the things I'm doing at present to help combat my absentmindedness:

Stop and breathe. I am guilty of multi-tasking. I think women (and mothers) like me have become accustomed to that. While typing my words away, I tap my feet as a form of exercise and I listen to (not watch) the morning TV news. Multi-tasking is tiring my brain so much that I now give a few minutes of my every working hour to stop and breathe. After I've done a few deep breaths, my mind feels refreshed again.

Organize and take notes. I have a Belle de Jour Planner that keeps my schedules in place. I also bought a To-Do list to remind me of the things that I should be doing. I have notepad widgets on my desktop and they're color coded. Hey, even my notes are color-coded. I assign specific colors for each categories of my task.

Have proper rest and nutrition. I am now trying to sleep earlier than before. Not only do I get cranky when I lack sleep, I also get more absentminded. As to the food, I read that fish and seafood are memory boosters so I'm stocking up on tuna and salmon.

So, where was I? Ahhh, I remember now. I was writing my liporexall review. Back to work I go!

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