Monday, March 22

Time for an eye check-up once again.

Part of my being a diabetic is having regular eye check-ups. I have my eyes checked every quarter. In October 2009, I was prescribed with glasses to help me with my astigmatism. My vision is still almost perfect although it gets occasionally blurry when my blood sugar levels are high. I use the same glasses up to now especially when I am working in front of the computer because my glasses have anti-UV and anti-glare filters.

It's time for an eye check-up once again by the end of March. Rather than being concerned in buying the best under eye cream to treat my eye bags (haha!), I am always on guard against diabetic retinopathy. Aside from managing my blood sugar level, I make it a point to have my eyes checked to see if the small blood vessels in my eyes are still ok. Apart from diabetic retinopathy, diabetes can also cause cataracts, corneal erosion, and double vision.

Eye problems are just one of the things to watch out for when you're a diabetic. As always, prevention is still better that the cure so it's best to visit an eye doctor regularly.

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