Saturday, March 6

My Personal Wii Fit Challenge - Day 1

I have already written about me using Wii Fit Plus as part of my exercise regimen but I haven't really focused on doing regular exercises with it. Thanks to a recent writing assignment, I came upon blogs about Wii Fit challenges. I'm setting up mine. I'll be documenting my BMI/weight, the exercises I've done, levels unlocked if ever I get lucky, calories burned, and how I felt about it. I hope you can help motivate me and help me stay on track. :)

So, Day 1 today. In the Wii Fit forums that I have visited, most people talk about using the routines. I was like "Why didn't I think of that?" I tried doing it this morning, even combining preferences (e.g. tummy, lifestyle, beauty, etc.) until I had a complete 30-minute workout programmed. Guess what. I quit in the middle of the second exercise. I decided to go back to the exercises I love doing.

I went back to the Aerobics menu and did some Advanced Steps first. Darn, I had 4 misses. I guess, not being on the board for 28 days makes me a little out of sync. After that, I did Advanced Hulahoop, and a 10 minute Free Run. I was already sweating so much after these two but I went on and did Rhythm Boxing for another 10 minutes which was, again, another disappointment. I had so many misses and it didn't help that the laborers working on my kitchen are already staring at me. I must've looked like I was crazy, lol! I was only aiming for a 30-minute workout but I went on and did some Strenght Training exercises. I'm thinking of buying the dumbells that are attached on the Wii remote for added tension while doing the strength exercises. I need to tone my arms badly. I'm gonna look for some of those when I visit Shang one of these days to buy my hair vitamins.

Complete workout time for today, 50 minutes. Calories burned, aww, I don't remember because I didn't take it down. All I remember is that my weight is now 169 lbs. and I gained 1.35 lbs since the last time I got on the board. I'll be a little more detailed tomorrow. Hey, forgive me on my first day. :)

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