Wednesday, March 24

Modess Angels Salutes Women This Women's Month

For months, Filipinas across the nation have been joining the Modess Angels Facebook Group Page to share in the chance to help other women in need. Every member sign-up means one comfort kit donation to a typhoon victim. Membership reached over 30,000; thousands of comfort kits were donated to women in evacuation centers.

Today, the group page is a portal of information where women can transform their compassion into action, driving them closer to other women who need their comfort the most. What began as a call for membership, evolved into an online help center for volunteers.

But it doesn’t stop here. The Modess Angels community keeps growing and encouraging the culture of helping. By partnering with socio-civic organizations, we can seek out more opportunities to extend our comforting care to fellow sisters in need.

This Women’s Month, Modess Angels salutes all women who have taken the time to help our troubled sisters. We would also like to encourage all the other women to join and extend comfort to our sisters in need. Together, as Modess Angels, we can spread the goodwill and be well informed on how we can give comfort to other women. Arm in arm, we can make things happen - starting with ourselves, our family, the community, maybe even the world.

It doesn’t take an army to rebuild a nation. It takes Angels. Join Modess Angels on Facebook today.

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