Monday, March 29

Mc Lelen Turns 1!

My trusty Lenovo Y330 just turned one year old! I am so happy not only because it proved to be a trusted work buddy through the first year but also because the day also marks the end of my 12-month installment payment period haha! Finally, I can save up for other things. I am thinking of buying a 1 terabyte external hard drive. We badly need one to store our high resolution photos. Plus, we can't always trust DVD-R's.

By the way, you know why I call my laptop Mc Lelen? Well, that's the name my brother called me before when I fix our broken appliances. I'm a huge Mc Gyver fan and I love tinkering with gadgets. I initially wanted a Mac but my budget last year did not permit me to have one. Now, I don't have a Mac but I have a Mc Lelen(ovo). LOL! At least, I won't have to spend for expensive mac memory upgrades, hehehe.

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1 sweet comments:

Unknown said...

and i thought i was the only one who names my possessions :)