Saturday, February 13

Virtually renewing the ties that bind

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004, he only intended to provide a student directory for Harvard University where he was enrolled. Now, what started as a "Harvard thing" has got the world looped into the cyber social network.

Me with my college barkada. (L-R: Nurse Sharon, Atty. Mae, Teacher Jen, Atty. Claire, myself, and Atty. Abby.)

I am thankful to Zuckerberg for Facebook. It connected me to family and friends whom I haven't seen in years! For instance, I was able to reunite with my UP college block mates and my core barkada. I was in a block section during the my entire stay in UP Manila and our block stuck through thick and thin. With Facebook, its easier to update each other about our lives just like in the old days. It's difficult to gather everyone around for a get together because most of us are busy with our respective careers so Facebook becomes our virtual reunion venue.

Have you found old friends in Facebook? How did your virtual reunion go? I'd love to read about it!

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2 sweet comments:

Meikah said...

I agree with you. Facebook is reconnecting us with people who have been part of our lives. It's amazing! :)

eRLyN said...

galing galing naman ng harvard boy na un. :)