Sunday, January 10

A Trip Postponed

We could have had discounted airline tickets now to Singapore if only we pushed through in buying last Friday. It's the last day of Cebu Pacific's 50% off ticket sale but we had to postpone the trip. My husband still has to confirm his schedule during the summer months and my dad needs to renew his passport. My mom said that that they need to apply for a new copy of his birth certificate to apply for a new passport since the last time he renewed his passport was during the 80s.

I'm kinda sad that the plan will not push through during the summer. I saved funds so that my parents can come along with us. Rap was also excited of his "supposed to be" first out of the country trip. Then again, there's always another time. Good things come to those who wait, so they say. Who knows, with more time, I can even save up for a trip to the US or reservations to any of miami south beach hotels.

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