Tuesday, January 19

And So, I Ate Rice Tonight

Which makes me feel very bad about myself. Junin, my trusted all-around houseboy, cooked his yummy version of Chicken Curry and I wasn't able to resist savoring dish with hot rice. Bad... bad me! But I'm only human, hahaha!

You see, I always make it a point to resist having rice in the evening. At dinner, I only have some meat and lots of veggies. If there are no vegetables, expect me to not eat at all.

To pay for this "sinful act", I firmly resolve to going up to the next level of my current daily calorie goal. I would probably need to burn more than 500 calories a day now. It's fine with me. At least, I wouldn't need to pop in a weight loss diet pill in my mouth. I know I will reach my weight loss goal in time with exercise and diet alone.

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