Monday, December 28

Meet Maria

There’s a new girl turning heads all over town – but for all the wrong reasons. Meet Maria. She’s a fun and bubbly young woman whose sparkling personality is masked by a somber feature – under-eye circles. Maria’s tireless quest to get rid of her uncharacteristic eye bags drives her to try out ridiculous solutions and lands her in hilarious situations. (If only she tried Garnier Eye Roll-on first! She would’ve had brighter eyes without all the hassle.)

See more of her hilarious antics here:

But the laughs don’t end there; everyone can join in on the fun at You can view examples of serious problems and ridiculous solutions and post your own experience for a chance to win goodies from Garnier. Even better, you can spread the gift of brightness with your friends. Simply click on to share a coupon for 25% off on the Garnier Eye Roll-On the #1 Eye Care Product in the Philippines. Take care!

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