Saturday, November 14

It's Here!

We finally bought the DSLR of our dreams. We got a Nikon D5000 that's just a notch below Nikon D90. Not bad for a beginner's camera, don't you think? We were supposed to get a D40 but our supplier told us that it's already phased out along with the D60.

I just tried shooting some shots this morning and I really have a lot to learn using a DSLR. It's very different from using a point and shoot camera because a DSLR provides so many options for the photographer. For instance, I can adjust the aperture and shutter speed to give the effect that I want in the photo. My husband has already given me the go signal to take basic digital photography classes by December. I upgraded my Flickr account to Pro, too so we can have an online storage for our photos. Ooh... and I think I will need to set up a photoblog for the husband soon.

I guess, the miscellaneous expenses that's linked to owning a DSLR never ends because we're saving up for more powerful lenses, too. No problem with me, I can be lavish when it comes to gadget. By the way, I'm not the type of girl who can spend thousands of bucks on Contemporary Jewelry but can do so without batting an eyelash when it comes to gadgets. Yep, that's how I am.

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