Wednesday, October 7

Why Choose An Eco Green Mattress

When I did my groceries last weekend, I noticed that there were a lot of people buying mattresses. They have probably thrown out their wet mattresses and replaced them with new ones. Most of them have bought cheap foam mattresses. I understand that the cheapest one will be the best choice at the moment. If I have extra money to spare, I would have bought an eco green mattress.

An eco green mattress is one that is made of organic and eco-friendly material. It is not only good for our health but it is also beneficial to the environment as well.

Here are some of the reasons why I wish to buy an eco green mattress:
  • It is hypoallergenic. Best to use if you are highly sensitive to chemicals. The materials used in this mattress is free from pesticides and other chemicals.
  • It is environmental friendly. No pesticides mean healthier soil and healthier resources for people living near the area where organic cotton farming is done.
  • It is stronger than non-organic mattresses. Chemical residues alter the quality of the materials used in mattresses.
  • It generates jobs for cotton farmers. Organic cotton farming mostly requires manual labor rather than using machines to do the job.
Eco green mattresses may be a more expensive choice but the benefits outweigh the monetary value here. I am saving up for an eco green mattress. I hope you consider saving up for one, too.

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