Saturday, October 3

Online Selling Must Haves

A few months back, I planned to set up an online store where I can showcase and sell our old furniture, appliances, gadgets, and other stuff. I haven't put up one yet as I still do not have the time to set up the site. After the recent calamity that struck my family, I am thinking of pursuing this plan. We need extra cash to rebuild and restore what the flood has taken away.

I have seen a lot of Filipino online entrepreneurs use Multiply instead of setting up a self-hosted website. The site allows them to post their stocks and advertise them for free. I think that Multiply is useful especially to those who do not have huge stocks to sell. However, a seller who has so many wares to sell should not only set up its own site but to avail of a ecommerce fulfillment service provider. An ecommerce fulfillment provider will be the one in-charge of warehousing, record keeping, delivery, and customer service.

I think I will start with a Multiply site first and just see what happens next. I will need to learn the ropes with little risk first. I will let you know once I push through with my plans.

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