Sunday, October 18

I Can't Live Without Veggies!

This past week has been a torture! Because of the havoc wreaked by Typhoon Pepeng, vegetables coming from Northern Luzon provinces have not been delivered to Manila. If ever there were some crates delivered, the prices were way too high. Imagine a kilo of carrots for 200 pesos! I gave in and bought my staple vegetables even if they cost me so much. I had no choice, I can't live without my leafy greens.

Vegetables are my source of fiber. I need fiber to keep my blood glucose levels normal. Eating vegetables, especially the leafy green ones, help keep me feel full and eat less of the other calorie rich foods. It also gives me my much needed colon cleanse and keeps my digestive system healthy.

While the prices of vegetables from Northern Luzon are still sky high, I will make do with daily servings of kangkong (water cabbage) and camote tops. I wish all prices return to normal soon.

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