Friday, October 16

Are We Safe in Our Own Homes Nowadays?

I received news that thieves went inside a blogger friend's home during the wee hours of this morning. I was worried about her safety and her family members as well. I can just imagine the horrible feeling she must have had with the thieves inside her home. Somehow, its a consolation to know that she and her family members are safe.

Every day, I watch similar news on TV and some of the incidents did not end up well. After the calamity, more stealing incidents surfaced and, as bad as this may sound, I am sure that more will happen as the Christmas season comes near. Do I feel safe in our own home? Yes and no.

I feel kinda safe because I have two big dogs and one is an American Pitbull Terrier. A street lamp is situated in front of our house and it helps us illuminate our area especially the cars parked outside. We live in a village and our village guards do not allow guests to go inside the village without permission from homeowners. But then...

I don't feel that safe because there has already been an incident of robbers going inside a neighbor's home last June. Last year, the rear view mirror of another neighbor's car got stolen. Although the village guards guard the gate and do their rounds nightly, some thieves still get in and out through the perimeter fence. What makes me more scared is that our town has been badly hit by the storm and that means more people needing money badly.

While I do not think that we already need to install a video surveillance equipment in our home, I still think that we need to reinforce our security measures here at home. That would include letting the dogs out of their cages at night. Never mind that my Bronson may pull the wild roses out from the soil. :( At least, we can sleep well knowing that thieves will think thrice about getting inside our property.

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