Saturday, August 1

Saving Up For Sitti

Sitti is our eleven year old Honda City. Technically, she's been with us for seven years because we bought her from a second-hand car shop. When Black Beauty arrived (our Hyundai Tucson), Sitti was assigned to me and we had good times driving around while I was practicing my driving skills.

Lately, Sitti's been in a bad shape. It started with her roof. All of the auto restoration shops that we went to told us that it is common for Honda cars to have problems with their roofs. Honda roofs tend to rust easily because the silicon sealants used eventually break out of the car paint. It started out with small bubbles. Over time, the bubbles popped and became big paintless spots that turned a little rusty. And when it rains, drops of water get inside the car.

We are currently saving up for the repairs. We already talked with some providers who gave us reasonable quotes. We plan to have Sitti's body repainted by Christmastime. If there's still some money to spare, we may add some upgrades to our list. Who knows, we may even affors to have some cold air intakes and filters to keep her engine humming again. When this happens, I'll probably be seeing my husband bring Sitti to the office again which leaves me with the other car. Not bad!

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