Tuesday, August 18

Colon Cleansing for Diabetics?

My interest in researching about colon cleansing and color cancer has been revived with the recent passing of former president Cory Aquino. It got me concerned because I learned that colon cancer may be avoided with a colon cleansing procedure.

Colon cleansing removes the toxins and fecal plaque that builds up in the colon. Some write-ups say that it is the best line of defense against diseases and life-threatening conditions. Now, my concern is this: Is colon cleansing safe for diabetics?

Colon cleansing involves detoxification. However, there is not just one process in colon cleansing as customized methods may be needed by different people. Some common colon cleansing techniques include enema, irrigation, herbal supplements, a high-fiber diet and exercise. Take a look at some colon cleansing products from this colon cleanse reviews site.

While some of the methods are natural and non-invasive, I think I would still need to find out if these are safe for me. There are still no reputable studies made on how colon cleansing may help diabetics and until there is one, I will stick with the high fiber diet and exercise that I am already doing.

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