Saturday, June 27

Home Office Concerns

Who ever thought working from home is easy hasn't even tried it yet. As much as I appreciate the times I am able to spend working in bed or in my kitchen, I am now realizing that there's more than there is in being a work-at-home mom.

For one, I need to upgrade my home office furniture. We still need to save up on that. After the major renovations that we made in my son's room, I am left with his old desk and a folding chair. At first, I was happy with how my work station looked like. It was simple and space saving.

Later on, I realized that the old desk and the folding chair doesn't match at all in terms of height. Since the chair cannot be adjusted, I end up getting wrist and back pains after a few hours of typing. My immediate solution would be to prop my laptop on a breakfast tray and work in bed or right smack on the living room carpet.

This cannot go on for long as I am already feeling severe back pains that get too uncomfortable even when I am lying down at night. I'm going to start solving the problem with buying an ergonomic office chair come payday.

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