Saturday, May 30

Our Wireless Household

I have just finished cleaning up and reorganizing most of the furniture in our house after our major summer renovation project. My desktop computer was finally relocated to my Big Boy's desk while my laptop now sits comfortably on a smaller work desk. Our bedroom looks bigger now with the cluttered computer table gone.

After the task, I just realized how most of our gadgets have become wireless since we moved in our new home. We still do not have a telephone line available so we resorted to subscribing to a wireless land line service. Since there is no telephone line, we had to give up our DSL account and sign up for wireless broadband internet. I hooked this up to a wireless router so our entire home is now a WiFi zone. We do not have cable TV lines available yet so we had to avail of a satellite cable service. So far, everything's working out fine for us.

The availability of wireless gadgets indeed made the lives of people like us more comfortable. Without these wireless gadgets, I would probably blogging in an internet cafe by now. I would also be spending a lot of airtime in placing calls through my cellular phone subscription.

Even business benefit a lot from these wireless gadgets. Fastfood delivery services can now offer credit card transactions with the use of a portable credit card machine. Even hotels in areas not having telephone lines rely on machines like this.

Technology is constantly developing more gadgets that make life easier. However, let us not forget that our personal relationship with others cannot be left to these wireless innovations.

Do you own wireless gadgets, too? How has it improved your life so far?

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