Monday, May 11

Good Hygiene To Prevent Swine Flu

In the past week, there were news about 3 people who were quarantined in Cebu City for possible swine flu infection. There are still no updates on whether these people have been considered confirmed cases but I do hope that they're not. The Philippines is still free from the Swine Flu. Come to think of it, we did not even have confirmed cases of SARS when our neighboring countries suffered from the outbreak a few years ago.

Deputy presidential spokesman, Anthony Golez, said in a recent telephone interview that this could be attributed to us being highly hygienic people. We typically bathe more than once a day which helps in the prevention of diseases. Although it is not yet backed up by research, his statement has somehow made sense. Health officials have constantly reminded the public about the importance of washing the hands to prevent the spread of the flu virus. Bathing more frequently adds more to the prevention of this disease.

Prevention is always best when it comes to sicknesses. Not only will proper hygiene help us from getting the Swine Flu, it is also better if we did some research on our own and spread the information we have gathered to others. Who knows? You may even get to discover other rare diseases like mesothelioma.

Be clean. Be well-informed. Be healthy.

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