Tuesday, May 5

Buying Shoes For The Big Boy

It's the time of the year when dads and moms in the Philippines get ready for school enrollment. This year, we are lucky that Ralph is on full scholarship. This means that we only need to pay the miscellaneous school expenses and school supplies. That will just be, give or take, 15 thousand pesos. I got it covered, thank goodness!

But aside from that, we also need to buy him a new set of pants, and a pair each of black school shoes and sneakers. He grows up so fast and his shoe size changes quickly, too. To limit my shoe shopping trips for my big boy, here are some rules of thumb that I follow when buying shoes for him:
1. We buy shoes in the afternoon and evening, usually after walking around the mall or after shopping for other things. This makes the feet a little bigger than usual and gives us an idea of the minimum shoe size that he should have;

2. We make him wear his thick school socks;

3. We make sure that he's still able to wiggle his toes inside the shoe; and,

4. We prefer quality over the price. Cheaper brands only last for a month or so.
Since my son rides the bus service everyday, I don't think I do not need to buy him rain boots anymore.

How about you? Do you have any other shoe-buying rules that you follow?

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