Wednesday, April 29

The Swine Flu Pandemic

The Swine Flu pandemic is presently affecting countries of Mexico and the United States. Although there are still no reports of confirmed Swine Flu patients here in the Philippines, the scare has already spread among our countrymen and has already affected the hog industry. Almost everyone is avoiding eating pork these days because of this flu strain. From what I watched on the news last night, the Dr. Tayag of the Department of Health advised everyone that the Swine Flu is transmitted by an airborne virus. That simply means that it is spread through the air we breath. Therefore, one way of being protected from contracting the disease is to cover our nostrils and mouths especially around people who cough and sneeze. The department also advised everyone to wash their hands or to cleanse them with alcohol or antibacterial gel.

My son and I had our free influenza vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur just before February. Somehow, I feel assured that we will not contract the disease. The Vaxigrip vaccine that was administered to us fights symptoms of this Type A H1N1 virus. Should we be infected by the Swine Flu, the vaccine can make the illness milder and make us well faster.

Swine flu is a common illness among hogs. In fact, it doesn't affect them so much. It's when the virus is transmitted to humans that complications arise. Symptoms of the Swine Flu include ever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue just like when one has the usual flu. Diarrhea and vomiting are also associated with the Swine Flu. Complications like pneumonia and respiratory tract failure may lead to death.

To know more about the Swine Flu, you may visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site here.

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