Sunday, April 19

Cable TV At Last!

Our satellite cable tv subscription started this noon. I have been waiting, and ranting, for this since we moved here in Cainta. We cannot sign up for the usual cheaper cable TV subscription because the local cable service provider does not want to invest in the installation of cable wires in our village. We needed to have more residents before they go in.

This is a gift for Rap because he's missed Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network for almost two years now. Our smart boy wished for this as a reward for the awards he received this year. The bigger boy, my husband, is also happy. He's a movie buff and now he'll get his regular treats from HBO, Cinemax, and Star Movies. Of course, I am happy too that I will get to watch the latest Oprah episodes and not the delayed ones shown on Studio 23. I will also be able to watch Discovery Travel and Living channel again and start daydreaming of visiting historic hotels and art galleries.

Now, all I need is to buy a wireless router so I can finally work downstairs while watching cable TV!

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