Thursday, March 12

Thankful Thursday: Truly In God's Time

Another milestone has happened this week. My dad, who had a stroke in December 22 last year, started to walk on his own last Saturday. I am truly thankful to the Lord for helping him recover. I know that he will walk again in God's time. I already blogged about how thankful I was that he survived the stroke and when he was able to sit up with the help of my mom and brothers. I am thankful that I was there to see him walk for the first time, after two months of being bed-ridden and paralyzed.

My mother was attending a spiritual retreat over the weekend that was why I had to go to my parents' house last Saturday to take over. I brought my dad some breakfast and even brought my son along to cheer him up a little. True enough, when we arrived, he was crying his heart out because he misses his grandchildren. How I wish my nephew could come visit him soon. After he had eaten his breakfast (he fed himself, thank God!) and I gave him his medications, he told me how he felt while watching 700 Club on TV the night before. Then, he said that he thinks he can make himself stand up and he did after a while. He was wobbling a little so I told him to take it a little easy. I needed to go out to the garage to check on something but when I came back, he was already walking towards me, out of the front door and towards the gate. He was supporting himself with one crutch that he slipped under his right underarm. Apparently, he asked my son to give him the crutch that he uses whenever he has his arthritis attacks. He went out of the front gate and sat by the mango tree in front of the house.

I am also thankful that our neighbors who saw him already sitting outside the gate approached him and were also happy for him. It surely made him feel a lot better and I felt so happy seeing him laugh and exchange jokes with his friends again. God is really good. Truly, everything was resolved in God's time.

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