Monday, February 9

Weekend Snapshot: Welcoming Babies To The Christian World

Yesterday, my family helped welcome two babies to the Christian World. They were held in two separate places, not to mention that one is in the suburbs. We were lucky that traffic is not so bad during Sundays and the weather did cooperate well.

The first baby in the picture, Jarvih (pronounced as Harvey) is the son of Tina Villa-Ignacio Hernandez and her husband Jeff. Tina is a dear friend of ours, a former student of my husband in Ateneo de Naga, and a bridesmaid in our wedding eight years ago. We are so happy that she is finally a mommy! We made a mistake of not attending the dedication ceremony in Greenbelt Makati though. We did not know that my husband was one of the godfathers. We left home early but had to pass by the bookstore and the department store to buy Ralph's book and another gift for the other baby's baptism. Look at Jarvih. Seems like he's not yet ready to forgive his Ninong for not attending the ceremony.

The other baby in the photo is a niece of ours. She is Keighlah Angelique, the daughter of my husband's cousin, Mok. We were not able to attend the baptismal rites in the church but we made it to the reception that was held in a private pool resort near their home in BiƱan, Laguna. We were happy to see my husband's relatives and Ralph got to do some laps in the pool. We stayed for around two hours before we headed back to Manila. I had to do the groceries before we go home.

That was how my busy weekend went this week. How about yours?

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